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Welcome to Solar Models

The present facility Solar Models allows to reconstruct online the solar coronal magnetic field from photospheric magnetograph data. The user is invited to select a data file from a server and then to compute the coronal magnetic field according to a set of models. As a first preview, this facility currently allows access to a limited number of models and data obtained with the SOLIS magnetograph of the NSO.

As a preview all guests have access to the various models and output images for publication. Currently no file can be saved after a request is perfomed, but in the near future declared users having an account will be able to save and restore the files produced during previous sessions.

The present facility is supported by the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales and represents a complementary interactive aspect of the FROMAGE facility.

Informations on the models and scientific background can be found on the web page of the author of this facility: Tahar Amari. You are welcome to send requests and comments to him.

Credits: in case of use of these data or graphic outputs for scientific publications, acknowledgements would be appreciated.

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